After Nugan Hand's cover was blown and the operation abandoned, the CIA redirected many of the Nugan Hand operations to another Pacific financial institution based in Hawaii, named Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong (BBRDW). By the end of 1980, BBRDW started setting up offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia, all former Nugan Hand locations, staffing the offices with some of the same personnel. As in most CIA-related proprietaries, its key management was comprised of CIA-related personnel.(337)

The CIA placed in charge of its proprietary a Honolulu businessman who had worked for the CIA years earlier while attending Milwaukee Institute of Technology. That CIA college project was called Operation MH Chaos, consisting of a spying operation on college campuses during the mid-1960s. The CIA gave Rewald the alias, Winterdog. Other CIA divisions had parallel programs called Operation Mother Goose and Operation Back Draft.

Rewald left the CIA after college, married, and had five children, living comfortably in a home on Lake Michigan. Business changes caused Rewald to move his family to Hawaii, where he opened an investment consulting company under the name CMI Corporation. It was here in 1978 that the CIA lured Rewald back into the Agency, and used his company as a cover. By 1979, the CIA established another proprietary called Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham, and Wong, headed by Rewald. Rewald's first CIA station chief and handler was Eugene J. Welch, who was later replaced by...

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